1. Weight - human hair is twice the weight of fiber and facebook besthairbuy therefore feels "heavy" on the head - at its worst, this increased weight and stress on the hair can cause "traction alopecia". In addition, human hair is porous - it soaks up water - which can significantly increase the weight when wet.2. Tangle - human hair tends to "matt" and "tangle" - this is because the surface of human hair has little "spines" on it, that look like roof tiles under a microscope. Because this "alien" hair isn't being conditioned by the besthairbuyfacebook natural oils that condition your own hair, these "spines" tend to "stick out" and tangle up with the other hairs on your head. Consequently, you do need to use quite intensive conditioners to keep the hair in good condition. Fiber, however, has a smooth surface and rechoo therefore is less likely to tangle.3. Glue - human hair extensions are typically applied with glue and removed with acetone - a recipe for damage, the results of which we regularly see in our studio. Our method doesn't use any chemicals.

Talleres de Constelaciones Familiares

Santiago sábado 7 Mayo  Alfredo Collovati

Formación Trabajo Trauma 13 a 15  Mayo

Pucón sábado 21 Mayo Claudia Villaseca

Santiago sábado 28 Mayo Alfredo Collovati

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Formación en Constelaciones Familiares

Ciclo 2016   Inscripciones Abiertas
Cuerpo Docente de Chile, España y México
Santiago Modalidad Semanal
Santiago Modalidad Intensivo Mensual
Pucón Modalidad Bimestral

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Grupo de Desarrollo

4 meses de duración
Sesiones día miércoles de 19 a 22 hrs
Próx. Inicio 13 Abril 2016
Inscripciones Abiertas

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Círculo de Constelaciones Familiares de Chile
mail : contacto@circulodeconstelaciones.cl
fono : 56 2 2880 5996